As a program funded by the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment, DMAP’s lead administrator is the University of Michigan, in partnership with Purdue University and Ohio State University. Through their respective manufacturing assistance programs and extensions in working with small and medium-sized manufacturing firms, the three universities are assisting communities and manufacturers that have been impacted by defense downsizing efforts.

The DMAP Process

The DMAP Process is based on a trusted and proven model implemented by the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Program that has assisted trade-impacted businesses for over 30 years.

DMAP identifies and potentially co-funds projects that address critical needs and areas of improvement for communities and companies, and helps maintain an individual firm’s manufacturing capability and capacity through financial management, market analysis, and diversification projects leading to survival, stabilization, and potential growth. The below chart depicts the process for both companies and communities.
DMAP Process Loop Graphic

Intellectual property and technology residing in research universities are also leveraged towards DMAP’s goal of stability, growth stimulation, job creation, and retention in the defense supply chain. Thus, DMAP is assisting DOD’s goal to retain the critical manufacturing infrastructure, capacity, and capabilities to meet national security priorities.


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