Kathryn Kelley has more than 15 years’ experience conducting strategic communications and program administration for industry-oriented higher education and statewide technology organizations. Her focus at OMI is on statewide promotion of advanced manufacturing technical support resources and removing barriers between academia and industry. She works to connect manufacturers with engineering services and resources at the university.  Other collaborations include working with state and national partners on effective advanced manufacturing education and career pathways.

Activities include:

  • Working with ODSA and Ohio MEPs on a roadmapping pilot project to determine manufacturing needs and technical solutions by manufacturing processes
  • Engaging with the Ohio Department of Higher Education on a research expertise portal project that will connect Ohio academic and technical institutions with industry partners
  • Producing a “Manufacturing Tomorrow” podcast series on iTunes University to highlight innovative manufacturers and the partnerships that propel their efforts (
  • Collaborating with state and national partners on advanced manufacturing education pathways and engineering technologist manufacturing career programs
  • Organizing industry-focused events such as the Central Ohio Manufacturing Resource Forum

Other duties include: researching and issuing reports on Ohio manufacturing and advanced manufacturing trends, and engaging in broader industry outreach campaigns.