Sharell Mikesell

Sharrell Mikesell is an Associate Member – Primary Food Innovation Center Area: Food Strategy and Policy, Industry Partnerships and Commercialization. His area of expertise include industry connections and collaborations, commercialization, business planning, technology assessment, grant preparation.

The Industry Liaison Office (ILO) is to serve as the ‘gateway’ to Ohio State’s scientific research and expertise, connecting industry and businesses around the globe to new discoveries, leading-edge solutions and multi-disciplinary centers to spark the next-generation of innovations to keep participants growing and in leadership positions. The mission of the ILO is to provide the ‘outside in’ perspective and to be the voice of industry and the marketplace at OSU. Therefore the offering to FIC is the years of experience in how to build market and business connections, technology assessment processes and the ‘how to’ develop scalable and affordable processes. The ILO brings broad business and operations experience for existing businesses and how to make assessments for the validity of start-up businesses to the FIC. The ILO offering is in the development of collaborations and networking for  research, grant proposals, and partnership formation.