DMAP’s Company Assessment process includes a thorough examination of your operations and goals. An essential component of this assessment process is to meet with you in person at your facilities to understand and learn more about your business and capabilities.

DMAP also uses US Economic Census data to develop an overall industry overview, which includes data about shipments, employment, value added per production worker, spending on capital expenditure, etc. trended over time. We also present a geographical distribution of similar manufacturing facilities, and research on your competitors.

A key area of our analysis is a financial assessment of your company against other similarly-sized businesses with the same NAICS code as yours. We use the Risk Management Association’s industry data to evaluate your company’s financial health relative to comparators.

The goal of DMAP is to encourage clients to diversify their businesses from being overly dependent on defense contracts to having a healthy proportion of commercial customers. DMAP conducts a deep-dive into multiple market segments and product applications that may assist you in making a decision about which markets to penetrate. DMAP shares market trends, size, growth, customers, distribution channels, and other key factors you will need to evaluate the attractiveness of a particular market.

Based on this assessment, the DMAP team puts together an Advisory Plan that describes our research and findings, from which we are able to make recommendations specific to your business. A key component of the recommendation process includes project scopes, created specifically to prioritize initiatives from which your business could benefit. Projects are competitively bid out to external subject matter experts, and a proposal that best fits your needs will be selected jointly by yourself and the DMAP team. DMAP manages the entire project process, right from creation of the Request for Proposal to the Bid List and evaluating proposals received.


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