Eligibility Criteria – Does Your Company Qualify for DMAP?

Applying to DMAP is simple. Our staff can help determine your company’s eligibility. There is no cost to find out if you will qualify! We encourage you to evaluate your eligibility before you reach out to us, using the following criteria. You qualify if:

  • Your company has operations in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana. Note that:
    • Your company can be headquartered outside of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, with a division in one of these three states. The division based in MI, OH, or IN would be DMAP’s client.
    • Currently, DMAP is focusing on sub-prime companies in the defense supply chain – Tiers I, II, III, IV etc. (small-to-medium size manufacturers). We welcome larger companies or divisions of companies to apply too! Our strategy will be customized to suit your type of business!
    • We work with appropriate non-manufacturing businesses, too (information technology, biotech service, maintenance and repair, etc.)
  • Your business has seen in the past 24 months (or you have reason to believe will see in the next 24 months):
    • At least a 5% decrease in sales, production, or employment due to reduction in defense contracts
    • A loss of a major product line (25% or more of firm revenue) due to loss of defense-related contracts
  • Your business is financially stable and not facing any known major financial difficulties. Should DMAP co-fund projects with you, you would be required to contribute matching funds based on a cost-share ratio.
  • You are part of a strong management team with interest in exploring diversification opportunities, and openness to outside expertise and experience.

Data on sales, production, and employment must be current as of the past 24 months, and, in the case of imminent threat, forecasted for the next 24 months.

While the following are not ‘required’ criteria, we are curious to know whether:

  • Your business is interested in the development of growth and/or diversification strategies and/or in adopting advanced intellectual property and/or technologies
  • Your business possesses the technical capabilities and capacities, with reasonably sophisticated processes and facilities, a basic research and development capability and a skilled engineering staff

DMAP is able to assist companies in successfully commercializing technology and/or intellectual property, and can evaluate companies to determine their potential in these are.

If the above situation describes your business, it is quite possible your company qualifies. Please complete the below application form; we will review it and get in touch with you as soon as possible:

If you have questions or would like to speak with us, please reach out to us here.