University of Michigan – Economic Growth Institute

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

University of Michigan – Economic Growth Institute

Ann Arbor, MI 48104



ASSEM-tech, Inc.

“Working with the DMAP team has helped my company solidify a couple of key growth strategies. The co‐funding that is offered in the DMAP program is great but the real benefit comes from our opportunity to leverage the professionals on the DMAP team and their contact list(s). The human resources that can be applied to a company’s diversification efforts are far more valuable than the co‐funding available. We are [also] really happy with our new web‐site. This is a project that we wouldn’t have likely prioritized right now but
now that it’s done I can see how it will help us tell a more compelling story about our services.”


Stephan Wood Products, Inc.

DMAP implemented a successful website redesign project for Stephan Wood Products (SWP), that revamped the original website into a unique website. In addition, the consultant, Pryor Design, helped redesign marketing collateral for SWP. DMAP also implemented a market discovery project with SWP, for which the client states: “SWP is grateful for the DMAP and SearchLite connections, this has proven to be a very beneficial exercise that has produced a list of solid leads.  SWP will indeed take deliberate action on the many contact options now available that appear to represent a good fit for market entrance.”


Bamar Plastics, Inc.

Bamar Plastics was looking to diversify into more industries, such as medical devices, and turned to assistance from Purdue University and the University of Michigan through DMAP. DMAP assisted Bamar Plastics in becoming a certified women’s business enterprise, and has reviewed its quality programs. After the review of quality programs, Purdue’s DMAP / MEP assisted Bamar attain compliance with TS 16949 and AS9100 quality management systems, quality certifications often possessed by the company’s competitors. Purdue DMAP / MEP conducted two additional projects with Bamar: technology-driven market insight (TDMI) diversification and value stream mapping.  The TDMI market diversification and growth services were used to identify new business opportunities in the defense and aerospace markets, while the value stream mapping project outlined the company’s operations to assure production efficiencies, educate employees in the use of lean practices, and implement these practices on the floor.


Wirth Machine, Inc.

“Adam Auffart, an Industry Advisor with Purdue MEP, met with the principles of WMI, and addressed our initial concern of being a small business that would not qualify for the Purdue MEP program. Adam showed a great interest in our business, and assured us the MEP program was a resource for all manufacturers. Before work began on the ISO program, ALCOA announced it was closing its Warrick smelter works, a 30% loss in revenue for WMI. Fortunately, our company was healthy enough to be able to weather the initial impact of this loss, but quick action was needed. Adam was contacted for advice and assistance, and went to work for us again. Through additional resources of Purdue, Adam secured assistance in revamping our website, which expedited the certification process. He also connected our company to other economic development partners. Purdue not only provided the expertise of its MEP program, but went far beyond what was expected and took a genuine interest in this company. The expertise and personnel of the Purdue MEP program are an Indiana treasure that is difficult to find elsewhere.”


Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association and the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

Purdue University’s DMAP team, through the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD), worked with both the Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association and the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership to create a report, IN/defense: A Legacy of Innovation and Manufacturing in National Security, outlines the assets that position Northeast Indiana as a leader in the defense sector, and provides a tool by which legislators, PTACs, industry associations, and defense firms can now market the region to new businesses and potential investors.

In the words of Sean Ryan, Director of Engagement for Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne: “I would like to commend the good work of the Purdue Center for Regional Development in the comprehensive study of Northeast Indiana and eight other comparable regions in the country that are our direct competitors for defense business.  The study, which was part of the DMAP program, yielded some very informative results and the marketing piece clearly highlights the advantages that Indiana, and our region in particular, bring to defense contractors.”


Trojon-Gear, a firm based manufacturer of gears, shafts, and spurs, underwent a lean manufacturing project as part of their engagement with the DMAP program. The project involved a third party consultant coming into their company, surveying employees and working directly on the factory floor to identify potential issues with workflow optimization. The consultant developed list of recommendations, ranging from changes in workflow to an explicit delineation of employee roles in the ordering process. After Trojon-Gear implemented the list of recommendations, quality rejects decreased, while on-time delivery increased.